Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We are excited to welcome you to The Bee's Knees British Imports blog. We hope this blog will be a fun companion to our website and Facebook page bringing you news updates, product recommendations, fun stories, photos and maybe even a recipe here or there.

The Bee's Knees British Imports started with a seed of an idea after I had been to England last summer. I came home with some very cute Stubbs Mugs that I bought while staying in beautiful Abersoch, North Wales with my family. “Wouldn’t it be great to sell these here?” we thought! And so it started. Donna and I were ready for the next challenge having spent a great deal of time volunteering at our kids’ school and around town. We decided we wanted to create an online store that would provide a lovely shopping experience. And even though we too drink our PG Tips (Donna) and Sainsbury’s Red Label (Lucinda) and enjoy many British treats, we thought there were plenty of great sites satisfying those needs for hungry and thirsty Brits abroad. We wanted to create something a little different. So, along with the adorable Stubbs Mugs from Norfolk, we found other product lines that we thought were “The Bee’s Knees” to start our website.

Kate Davidson, my very creative niece, designed our fantastic logo. We love our Bee.  From her design we created the website, chose which items we wanted to sell and launched in July 2011. That was an exciting day.

We hope that you will visit our website and take at a look at all the wonderful products we have to offer.  Check back regularly and like us on Facebook! We will be adding new products soon.

Cheerio for now,